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Martha and Maya are looking for a home!


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7 November 2016

We have build 3 large dog houses for the winter, also renovated one, received one as a donation and used a dog house that we had, so in total 10 stray dogs has got their own dog houses for the winter!



3 November 2016

​Jenny was rescued on the 20th of October by Carole Dixon and than fostered by our volunteer Vivien Shore. Vet discovered that Jenny had a chronicle dislocated hip and that she needs an operation.

​On the 29th of October Jenny was adopted by Charlie Bish who had also adopted Layla in March 2016.

​On the 3-rd of November Jenny had an operation done on her hip and was also spayed, she is now doing fine and became great friends with Layla.


12 October 2016

Puppy Wednesday has successfully  arrived in the UK to her new home!

Thank you Vivien Shore for rescuing her, thank you to all of our donors for donating for Wednesday's operation and thank you to all of the people who made her trip to UK possible!




8 October 2016

First dog house is done and one is bought! We have also received a dog house as a donation! Now our 5 strays have homes!






4 October 2016


We have started a month long Raffle in aid to Give Hope to a Dog and Amicii Dog Rescue in Romania to raise much needed funds for the winter.

​The winner of the Raffle gets a beautiful dog bed(s) made by Angie Beckett!


1 October 2016

We found a perfect place in Suvorovo district to create our dog shelter!

Thanks to good will of local authorities, a piece of land we can use for our shelter can be about 10.000 m2. This land is located near forest on South side of Bulgaria.

we need to wait several weeks while local administration will make written decision about using of that land for construction of a shelter and general conditions.

Anyway we can already start to think about first practical steps: collaboration with architect, construction of good quality fence, preparing of the ground for placement of first dog’s houses there.

21 September 2016

We have started a campaign to raise funds to build 8 dog houses for stray dogs. By October 15 we collected 185 eur + 130 GBP.

1 September 2016


Dear Friends,

Little puppy Wednesday needs your help once again! After the operation on her leg, Wednesday was fine but her leg wasn't moving enough. Now she needs an other operation tomorrow to put a metal plate in her hip bone with screws to keep in place.
We need to raise 80 euro for her operation!
Let's help Wednesday!


Little puppy Wednesday need help. 4 August 2016.

A little female puppy named Wednesday URGENTLY needs your help!
Yesterday our volunteer rescued a little female puppy. The puppy was very weak, crying and covered in ticks and fleas.  Today the puppy was taken to the vet, she received a treatment against fleas/ worms, it cost 26 eur.  After x-ray it was discovered that the puppy had 2 broken bones in her back leg. The operation is set for Monday. We need 180 eur  leva for the operation. We already raised 129 eur.


Charity Sale in Dobrich July 10, 2016.


We took part in a charity sale held in Dobrich. It was very sunny, there was a lot of people and we sold for 120 leva.
Thank you so much for everyone who came!

New build kennel for Martha and Maya june 26, 2016.



Sweet Murjo and puppies Elsa and Achilles going to new kennel in Montana!

June 15, 2016.


Two more rescues! June 8, 2016.


Today we rescued 2 more puppies, living on the road. They are 2 girls about 2,5 month old. Last week we were witnesses of death of 2 their sisters, hit by cars, when puppies tried to cross the road. They live in very dangerous place, just next to the turn. Normally, drivers does not respect speed limit and death of animals is a result of such behavoir. Their mom and brother still stay on the road, but we were unable to catch them at the same time. Hope to do that nearest days.

So, today we brought these rescued 2 puppies to vet for deworming. They are temporary stay at the secured place in our village. We will pay for their stay 3 eur/day. Advantage is we can visit them each day. Today we bought collars for them. This evening we tried to go for a walk on leash. Next week these puppies can get first vaccination.

Two little rescues! 31 May 2016.


Rescued two lovely puppies today  that were dumped on the side of the road. We named them Achilles and Elsa.


                        More spayed doggies! 10 may 2016.

Finally spayed our rescued dog Micky thanks to generous donations. Thank you all!


Charity Sale Dobrich, 8 May 2016. Charity Sale Kranevo, 30 April.










      Gift donation from Angie Beckett. April 29, 2016.


We received a generous gift donation of dog beds hand made by our dear supporter Angie Beckett. Angie is making these dog beds that she than sells for charity! Thank you Angie Beckett!

Story of Murjo a disabled stray dog. April 19, 2016.



On April 19 Murjo a stray 3 legged dog was hit by a car. As a result another leg was broken. After surgery Murjo remained 7 days in the clinic, because he could not walk yet , and there is no one who can take care of him permanently.

Since April 28 thanks to  individual sponsors Murjo lives in a hotel for dogs. We regulary visit him. It is very dangerous to let Murjo back into the street again! A special sponsor page was created for Murjo.

4 animals spayed this week! April 14 2016.

Thanks to our donors this week we got 4 of our rescued/stray animals spayed!

11/04 Rescued female kitten Piratka

12/04 Rescued female kitten Vasilisa

13/04 Stray female dog Aunty

14/04 Stray female dog Curly


Charity Sale in Kranevo,  March 26, 2016.

Today, once again we took part in a charity sale held in Kranevo. Besides canned food and tea we offered perfumes, books and music CDs. Despite the chilly weather, within 2 hours we were able to sell the goods for 57 leva. Thanks to everyone who supported us and came to the fair. Special thanks to the British couple, who made a donation of 20 leva to the account of the foundation. Thank you! You gave hope to the dogs!


Paws Exchange on March 13, 2016.

Malchik (Spot) has returned to his doggie family as he did not settle down in a new home but he is happy to be back. Layla has been adopted instead!


We Love You, Spot! February 28, 2016.

Amazing News!

Spot was adopted! Now he has his own human, a home and his own bed! Wishing him all the best!


Car Boot Sale Kranevo, February 27, 2016.

Give Hope to a Dog successfully participated at the car boot sale in Kranevo. For us it as a charity sale. We also found 2 Russian volunteers for our foundation Give Hope to a Dog: Irina and Igor. Thank you in advance!

We Are Official! February 22, 2016.

On february 22, 2016 in Varna (Bulgaria) was officially registered a non-profit organization:

Foundation "Give Hope to a Dog".
This organization was created with the financial and moral support of:

Mr. Azretali Saubanov -writer, publicist, public figure and his family (Bulgaria),
Mrs. Angie Beckett and her family (UK)