Here you can see all the lovely animals who are still waiting to be adopted, you can be the one they're looking for.

Malyshka and Fedor.


 They have been living as stray dogs all their lives, they need a real home with room to run around, they need time to trust but they are very sweet to kind people.  Fedor is about 9 years old, he is calm and sweet, Malyshka is a small breed girl, also calm and sweet. They need to be adopted together as they have anxiety when separated from each other as they had always been together. You will have to be patient and understand that they never received much kindness from humans in their life but ones they see the love and care you are giving them they will become your friends and compganions for life! Please open your heart to them!!

Martha and Maya

Martha and Maya
2 young girls, 2 sisters of 10 month old. Still living in a kennel.They are to adopt together as it would be so cruel to separate them, they were rescued as small pups together, grew up together. They share a small kennel and wooden dog house. Potty and leash trained. Love to run and play together. Martha is very active and brave, Maya is her little shadow, she is a bit shy and always needs her sister by her side. They are ready to be adopted. spayed, vaccinated and chipped. Pease open your heart to them, they've been waiting for so long.